Ivory Coast's Festive Finesse: Cracking the Code of Holiday Shopping Trends


This holiday season bears exceptional importance for numerous retailers, surpassing the typical significance of a seasonal event. It serves as a pivotal chance to recoup losses accrued throughout the year and, potentially, to attain a transformative year-end outcome. The Kasi Insight's Holiday Shopping 2023 Survey delves into consumer behavior, primary purchase motivators, overall financial confidence, pre-Christmas shopping preferences, and gift inclinations.

Maintaining a constant holiday spending is the plan for majority

In Ivory Coast, a majority of surveyed respondents, making up 52%, anticipate that their holiday spending will stay consistent. When examining spending patterns by gender, 31% of females and 25% of males in Ivory Coast expect to reduce their holiday expenses, while 18% of females and 21% of males plan to increase their expenditures during the festive season. Looking at generational differences, the Gen X population in Ivory Coast takes a cautious approach, with 23% planning to cut back on spending and a significant 60% aiming to maintain their current spending levels.


Among Ivory Coast's Millennials, opinions are evenly divided, with 26% expecting a reduction and an equal percentage planning to increase holiday spending. Notably, within Ivory Coast's Gen Z, a substantial 46% plan to spend less, indicating a unique trend within this demographic during the holiday season.

Discounts, prices, and recommendations top list for holiday shoppers

When contemplating the exploration of a new store or retailer for their end-of-year holiday shopping a consistent set of considerations emerged. The overarching trends revealed a shared priority for factors such as discounts, better prices, and the influence of recommendations from friends and family. These preferences were observed across both male and female respondents, indicating a universal appeal. However, a nuanced distinction was noted among males, who, in addition to emphasizing discounts and better prices, also placed importance on availability of a wide stock.


Gen X respondents, similar to the general trend, expressed a strong inclination towards discounts and better prices, aligning with a fiscally prudent approach. Millennials, on the other hand, displayed a more multifaceted preference, as they not only emphasized discounts and better prices but also showed a distinct interest in seeking out unique or superior products. The youngest cohort, Gen Z, exhibited unique patterns, diverging from the overall trend by placing a higher emphasis on better prices and wide stock availability, suggesting a keen awareness of both affordability and variety in their holiday shopping considerations.

Brands can tailor marketing campaigns to match the unique preferences and behaviors of Ivorians during this holiday season

Brands should glean valuable insights from the nuanced patterns in consumer behavior during Ivory Coast's holiday shopping season. Adapting to the diverse spending expectations among demographics, particularly across genders and generations, is pivotal for effective marketing strategies. Tailoring approaches to resonate with the cautious spending mindset of Gen X, the multifaceted interests of Millennials, and the affordability focus of Gen Z is essential. Highlighting affordability through discounts and competitive pricing offers a universal appeal that spans across all consumer groups, providing brands with a broad and inclusive reach.

Furthermore, brands should harness the influence of recommendations, recognizing the significant impact of positive reviews from friends and family on consumer decision-making. Acknowledging the significance of stock availability, especially among male consumers, becomes crucial for creating a compelling shopping experience. To captivate Millennials, brands should not only underscore affordability but also spotlight unique or superior products. Additionally, staying attuned to economic influences and flexibly adjusting marketing strategies will empower brands to navigate the holiday season successfully and maintain a resonant connection with consumers in Ivory Coast.

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