Data insight is your most valuable resource

We provide you with an AI-powered solution that grants you access
to high-quality, aggregated, trended and real-time data. With our comprehensive platform, making informed decisions in real-time becomes effortless.

Kasi platform

The tools to unlock valuable insights at your fingertips

Our platform offers a user-friendly interface, enabling you to access a wealth of data and leverage actionable insights to drive your business forward.

Powered by innovative technology and grounded in research expertise, Kasi solution platform streamlines the process of obtaining the answers you need promptly.

Say goodbye to complicated platforms and hello to a seamless experience that quickly surfaces relevant insights.


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Economic intelligence

Embrace your inner economic guru — predict consumer purchase decisions

Understand what matters most to consumers

90% of purchase decisions are influenced by emotions understanding this makes for informed business decisions. But, in Africa we have a challenge of limited data on consumer behavior.

Leverage our economic intelligence solution to navigate and capitalize on consumer preferences effectively, predict sales and effectively drive purchases towards your brand. Empower your decision-making process.


Key features of Economic intelligence

Consumer Spending Habits

Gain insights and stay ahead of the curve by tracking emerging trends in consumer demand and personal household finance. Harness the power of consumer spending habits to optimize your business strategies.

Adapt to changing economic conditions/environment

Supply chain disruptions and escalating costs are forcing consumers to make difficult decisions.  Stay ahead by adapting to changing consumer dynamics, allowing you to navigate supply chain challenges and connect with the right audience for sustained success.

Understanding the Labor Market

Be ahead of the curve by employing data-driven insights that provide a comprehensive understanding of the labor market. Make successful and impactful hiring decisions by gaining insights into the current landscape of the job market by using our aggregated and trended data.

Brand intelligence

Blend data-driven people insights with your creative wit to unlock your brand's boundless potential

Know your customers like never before

Gone are the days of basic brand tracking tools. Our brand intelligence solution is your ultimate weapon for taking proactive action. Dive deep into the minds of your customers, unravel the essence of your target markets, and uncover industry trends with captivating charts and narratives.

We've made it effortless for you to access the precise data points that matter most, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive your brand's success.  

Key features of Brand intelligence

Track, Analyze, and Excel

Track core brand metrics and unlock the secrets to improving brand equity and fostering unwavering loyalty. Our brand intelligence solution empowers you to uncover the most impactful brand attributes and messages that resonate with your audience, propelling your brand towards unrivaled success.

Find Your Perfect Match

Navigate the ever-changing economy by targeting the right customers is paramount. Leverage our solution to analyze demographics, psychographics, and media usage, identifying untapped growth opportunities that will ignite your brand's expansion.

Stay Ahead of the Game

Understanding your brand's performance in target markets and seizing competitive gaps is key to achieving dominance. Arm yourself with invaluable insights needed to emerge as a true industry leader.

Master the Art of Crisis Management

Brand crises are rare, but when they strike, early detection is everything. Our in-platform tools keep you informed about meaningful events, enabling you to measure their impact on key audiences and deftly navigate through the turbulent waters.

Retail intelligence

Turning retail chaos into profitable brilliance, one data byte at a time

Understanding Consumer Purchase Insights: Make Informed Decisions 

Know what consumers are buying - whether it's more, the same, or less - and gain valuable insights to predict their purchase considerations using our Brand Purchase Intent data.

Stay ahead in the competitive landscape by navigating the supply chain with our comprehensive Retail Index, allowing you to predict your supply and distribution needs with precision. With our FMCG Insights, unlock a competitive edge in this industry and empower your purchasing process. 


Key features of Retail intelligence

Maximize Profitability and Stay Ahead

Understand consumer demand to develop and manage your retail category strategy effectively and leverage consumer data-driven insights for innovative category expansion, ensuring continuous growth and success.

Drive Financial and Investment Success

Achieve financial and investment success by designing investment strategies based on demand and market trend data. Forecast company performance using category momentum data.

Unveil the Changing Retail Landscape

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the transformed retail landscape in the post-COVID-19 era. Develop frameworks and methodologies to accurately forecast product demand and effectively identify unmet consumer needs, empowering your business to adapt and thrive in the evolving market.

Consumer intelligence

Crack the consumer code and unleash your brand's potential

Unlocking Growth Opportunities through Consumer Intelligence

Consumer intelligence is the key to unlocking authenticity and growth opportunities by staying ahead of the curve. Kasi platform is about finding the truth, reaching new frontiers, and seizing untapped opportunities in an ever-evolving market landscape by leveraging AI-based solutions from Kasi Insight to explore new horizons.

Key features of Consumer intelligence

Identify Your Ideal Customers

Dive deep into consumer data to identify your ideal customers. By going beyond traditional segmentation methods, such as demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your target audience and tailor your strategies accordingly.

Discover New Segmentations and Growth Opportunities

Tap into the power of AI-driven exploration to uncover new segmentations and untapped growth opportunities. By exploring data with advanced algorithms, you can uncover hidden patterns, identify emerging markets, and capitalize on new avenues for expansion.

Harness AI-Exploration

Leverage the capabilities of AI to extract actionable insights from vast amounts of consumer data. With Kasi Insight's AI-powered solution, you can navigate through complex datasets, uncover valuable trends, and gain a competitive edge in your industry.

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