AI Adoption in Nigeria: How Awareness is Shaping This new Era?


Kasi Insight conducted the AI Perceptions and Adoption Survey in July 2023. This assessment aimed to uncover various facets of Artificial Intelligence (AI), including familiarity, utilization, impact, and the challenges associated with its adoption. The survey also explored the economic implications of AI and examined respondents' interest in acquiring knowledge about AI, as well as their demand for tailored policies and regulations related to AI in 20 African markets.

Among the respondents in Nigeria, 77% displayed some level of familiarity with AI. Within this group, 33% exhibited a profound understanding of AI concepts. Interestingly, in terms of AI awareness, females (36%) held a slight advantage over males (30%). Millennials emerged as the age group with the highest AI awareness, with 36% of them indicating a strong grasp of AI, likely due to their extensive exposure to AI in educational and professional settings. Conversely, 18% of respondents admitted to lacking familiarity with AI, a consistent percentage regardless of gender or age, suggesting a potential need for more comprehensive AI education initiatives.

Potential to transition from occasional to frequent use

When respondents were questioned about their utilization of AI-powered applications or services in their daily lives, an impressive 69% reported occasional use, with 26% being frequent users. Only a mere 4% admitted to never having employed AI-powered apps.


An intriguing aspect to consider is the potential shift from occasional to frequent AI users. With 77% of Generation Z embracing AI for specific tasks or occasions, there is a substantial likelihood that many will transition into the category of frequent users. This transition holds the promise of even greater efficiency, convenience, and productivity in their daily routines. Conversely, Millennials dominate the group of frequent AI users, with 31% relying heavily on AI applications for crucial aspects of their daily lives. This underscores their recognition of the practicality and efficiency that these apps bring to their routines, highlighting the profound integration of AI into their daily lives.

Eager Learners: 46% Express Interest in AI Workshops and Programs

When questioned about their willingness to participate in AI-focused workshops and educational programs, 46% of respondents expressed a strong interest in furthering their knowledge of AI. Notably, Generation Z and Millennials exhibited a notably proactive stance, with 55% and 45%, respectively, eagerly embracing the opportunity to expand their understanding of AI.


This heightened enthusiasm among younger generations likely stems from their inherent familiarity with AI, given its seamless integration into their daily lives. In contrast, the older Generation X demographic displayed a somewhat lower level of interest, with 34% expressing a desire to learn more about AI. Additionally, the data revealed that 34% of respondents fell into the "Neutral" category, indicating a potential receptiveness to AI education if provided with the appropriate resources and opportunities.

Brands can leverage the increasing awareness and enthusiasm for AI among Nigerian consumers by aligning their strategies with the evolving trends

Brands should take heed of the widespread familiarity with AI among Nigerian consumers, noting that a substantial portion already possess a profound understanding of AI. Recognizing demographics with heightened AI awareness, such as females and millennials, can empower brands to finely target their marketing and product development endeavors. Brands should also prepare for the possibility of a significant shift in consumer behavior as more users transition from sporadic to frequent usage of AI-powered applications. This shift presents a golden opportunity for brands to craft AI-driven products and services that prioritize heightened efficiency, convenience, and productivity, aligning with the evolving preferences of consumers.

Furthermore, the expressed interest in AI-centric workshops and educational programs, particularly among younger generations, underscores brands' potential to engage consumers through educational initiatives. By developing AI-focused content and resources, brands can effectively connect with consumers eager to expand their knowledge in this domain. Finally, the "Neutral" category of respondents represents an untapped audience for brands. By providing accessible and informative AI education resources, brands can transform this segment into informed and engaged consumers, further enhancing their market reach and impact.

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