South Africa's Media Metamorphosis: Embracing the Digital and Influencer Era


Kasi Insight's Media Tracker Survey meticulously tracks consumer preferences for sources of information regarding new products and brands monthly in 20 African markets. In South Africa, the tracker's findings in March 2023 uncovered a significant media transformation, indicative of a momentous shift in how individuals find information about new products and the brands they decide to endorse.


Prior to this pivotal moment, traditional media outlets held a strong foothold, commanding the attention of a substantial 71% of the respondents surveyed in January 2023. However, this influence began to ebb, dwindling to 41% by March 2023. In stark contrast, digital media witnessed a remarkable surge in popularity. In January, merely 29% of the respondents surveyed turned to digital platforms for information, yet by March, this figure soared to 59%, and the upward trajectory persisted, culminating at 64% by August. This transformation highlights the mounting impact of digital media in shaping information consumption habits and consumer choices among South Africans, indicating a fundamental reconfiguration of their media landscape.

Visual content rules as In-Store Displays and Instagram dominate

In August 2023, within the ever-evolving media landscape, In-Store Displays and Instagram rose to prominence as influential sources of information, underscoring the lasting power of visual content and experiential marketing. These channels enjoyed popularity among both females and males, demonstrating their broad appeal to a diverse audience. Furthermore, friends and family recommendations remained a significant force, particularly among females, emphasizing the vital role of personal networks in guiding consumer decisions.


Additionally, males displayed a discernible affinity for Social Media Influencers emphasizing the substantial impact of influencer marketing on their purchasing decisions. Millennials struck a balance, valuing both In-Store Displays and Instagram, while still placing importance on recommendations from their social circles. In contrast, Gen Z, as digital natives, prominently prioritized Instagram, and Social Media Influencers, recognizing the substantial role these platforms and influencers played in shaping their perceptions of brands. These findings provided a snapshot of how influencer marketing has become an integral component of the media landscape, significantly influencing the preferences of various consumer segments in South Africa.

By adapting to the evolving media landscape, brands can better connect with South African consumers during the holiday shopping season and beyond

In light of the evolving South African media landscape, brands should prioritize digital marketing. This encompasses strategies such as online advertising, social media campaigns, email outreach, and content marketing. Digital marketing is essential for tapping into the growing online audience, expanding customer reach, and engaging consumers who increasingly rely on digital channels for information and shopping.

Visual content plays a pivotal role in the digital landscape. Brands should focus on creating visually compelling content that captures consumer attention, utilizing high-quality images, videos, and interactive elements. Additionally, experiential marketing, exemplified by platforms like In-Store Displays and Instagram, provides immersive experiences that enhance consumer engagement during the shopping and product discovery process.

Recognizing the distinct preferences of different consumer segments is essential. Brands should tailor their marketing strategies, accordingly, crafting personalized messages and campaigns. For instance, friends and family recommendations may be particularly influential for some segments, while social media influencers could hold more sway with others, such as Gen Z. This targeted approach ensures more effective and impactful marketing efforts.

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