Zambian Healthcare Trends: A Deep Dive into Consumer Behaviors


Kasi Insight's Health and Wellness survey diligently tracks consumer behaviors and habits related to well-being, encompassing aspects such as healthcare access, medical check-ups, and perceptions of severe diseases across 20 African markets. In January 2023, within the Zambian context, 64% of respondents indicated that they had sought medical attention within the past six months when asked about their most recent visit to a doctor for their own health. This proactive engagement with healthcare is indeed promising, signifying a significant portion of the population's commitment to their well-being. However, it's worth noting that 20% of respondents had not visited a doctor in over six months, while an additional 16% expressed uncertainty about their last medical visit.

When examining doctor visits within the last three months, it was observed that females displayed a slightly higher level of proactiveness, with 36% seeking medical attention compared to 27% of males. This gender difference could be attributed to various factors, such as women's increased awareness of their health needs.


Additionally, it's worth noting that Gen Xers exhibited the highest percentage of recent doctor visits, with 44%, surpassing both Gen Z (29%) and Millennials (31%). This observation suggests that individuals in their middle years are prioritizing their health and demonstrating a greater propensity to seek medical advice when required.

Pandemic-Driven Healthcare Engagement

When examining individuals' interactions with healthcare services, including various medical tests and health-related discussions, it becomes evident that 59% of survey respondents either took a COVID-19 test or had one arranged for them in the past three months. This increased engagement can primarily be attributed to the ongoing pandemic. Interestingly, when breaking down the data by generational cohorts, Gen Z shows the lowest participation rate at 53%, implying that younger individuals may perceive themselves to be at lower risk.


Additionally, 48% of survey participants mentioned they had recently had a blood pressure test or one scheduled. Gen X individuals and males displayed significant involvement in this area, with participation rates of 56% and 53%, respectively. This emphasizes the importance of monitoring chronic health conditions within these specific demographics. An intriguing finding was that 37% of Gen X respondents had engaged in discussions about smoking, suggesting a heightened level of awareness in this cohort regarding the risks associated with tobacco use.

Brands can enhance the alignment of their offerings and marketing strategies with the healthcare preferences of Zambian consumers

The fact that 64% of respondents sought medical attention in the past six months highlights a substantial portion of the population committed to their well-being. Brands in the healthcare sector can emphasize the importance of regular check-ups and early intervention in their marketing messages. Encouraging proactive health management can be a key selling point. Given the slight gender difference in recent doctor visits, brands can tailor their services or products to address the specific health needs and concerns of females. This might include women's health clinics, wellness products, or educational campaigns that resonate with female audiences.

The variation in recent doctor visits among generational cohorts suggests that different age groups have distinct healthcare priorities. Gen Xers, for example, seem to prioritize health visits more than Gen Z and Millennials. Brands can create age-appropriate healthcare solutions and messaging to meet these diverse needs. The significant engagement of Gen X individuals and males in blood pressure testing highlights the importance of monitoring chronic health conditions. Brands can create products or services that facilitate at-home monitoring or provide educational resources on managing chronic conditions.

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