Kasi Insight Webinar

The State of the African Marketer

This exclusive webinar, "The State of the African Marketer," was presented by Kasi Insight on October 27, 2022. A thought-provoking discussion explored the realities, challenges, and opportunities faced by African marketers. Dive into the discussions that unraveled the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on marketers in Africa, the diverse opportunities and challenges encountered in this dynamic landscape, and the sentiments surrounding data insights critical for navigating these markets.

While the live event has concluded, you can still access the insights and revelations shared by industry experts. Catch up on this illuminating discussion and gain invaluable perspectives that decode Africa's marketing landscape. Stay tuned for future events and further engagements with Kasi Insight to stay ahead of Africa's rapidly evolving market dynamics.


The State of the African Marketer with William Kulombo