Kasi Maps - The American Influence in Africa

Unveiling the Presence of US Companies in Africa

It is imperative for African nations to understand the competitive landscape they face especially from developed countries. Our initiative to map the presence of US companies in Africa underscores the need for local businesses and policymakers to grasp the scale and diversity of American economic influence. The insights gleaned empower local businesses to identify improvement areas, foster innovation, and navigate the global corporate landscape for sustained growth and competitiveness.

Key Insights

Tech and consumer goods dominance - A significant number of US companies in Africa concentrate in technology and consumer goods. Tech giants like IBM, Microsoft, Google, Intel, AWS and Oracle highlight the growing importance of technological advancements, while consumer goods giants such as Procter & Gamble, Pepsi, Heinz and Coca-Cola underscore the competitive landscape in the consumer market. Local businesses must prioritize innovation and consumer-centric strategies to navigate the dominance of US corporations in these sectors.

Strategic Market Concentration - The data unveils a concentrated presence of US companies in key African economies—South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, and Kenya. Understanding market dynamics becomes paramount for effective competition in these strategic markets.

In conclusion, this mapping initiative serves as a wakeup call for African businesses and policymakers, prompting them to recognize and respond effectively to the formidable competition posed by US companies.


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