Moving into the holiday season, safety and culture for Tanzanian travelers is key.


Kasi Insight’s Consumer Travel Perceptions survey reveals the coveted travel destinations that captivate African travelers’ attention, along with the compelling incentives that motivate their choice of preferred destinations. According to the survey, 54% of respondents surveyed in Tanzania are preparing to venture beyond their national borders for their upcoming vacations. This yearning for exploration is consistent across genders, with an equal 54% of both females and males displaying a keen eagerness to discover new destinations.

With budget considerations, Africa emerges as the preferred continent for travel, garnering the preference of 30% of respondents. Europe follows closely at 26%, with the Middle East at 16% and Asia at 11%. Among the favored African travel destinations, Kenya takes the lead with an impressive 70% approval rating, while Tanzania follows closely at 62%. Other destinations include South Africa (60%), the Seychelles (59%), and Mauritius (52%), collectively highlighting the magnetic appeal of these destinations.


Safety and cultural attractions rank highly among Tanzanian travelers.

Safety stands out as the top concern for people of all ages when it comes to travel, highlighting its universal importance. Whether someone is a Baby Boomer, Gen X, Millennial, or part of Gen Z, feeling secure while exploring new places holds great significance. This shared worry emphasizes how crucial it is to feel safe while discovering unfamiliar destinations. The attractiveness of cultural and historical attractions is also widely recognized by both Gen Xers and Millennials, with Gen Zers holding the second spot. This suggests that people from all age groups equally value experiences that provide insights into a place’s history and uniqueness. The quality of accommodation follows as the third incentive for travel. Across age groups, comfortable and well-appointed lodging options contribute significantly to a positive overall travel experience.


However, the desire for rest varies among generations. While Baby Boomers consider rest to be the second most important factor, Gen X and Millennials place it somewhere in the middle of their priorities. On the other hand, Gen Z places slightly less importance on rest as a travel motivator. This could indicate that younger individuals might prefer a more active and adventurous travel style. The significance of the friendliness of local residents differs among age groups. While Baby Boomers, Gen X, and Millennials view it as relatively important, Gen Z places it lower on their list of travel considerations. This could be because younger generations tend to be more independent and self-driven in their travel experiences.

Travel brands should create targeted marketing campaigns that highlight the unique attractions and activities that African destinations offer.

Harnessing the enthusiasm of 54% of surveyed respondents who are eager to explore international destinations, brands are poised to seize a golden opportunity. Crafting irresistible international travel packages tailored for each age group can unlock the doors to captivating adventures. The key lies in curating alluring itineraries, presenting an array of diverse destination options, and accentuating exceptional experiences. This dynamic strategy aligns perfectly with the mindset of these intrepid explorers, resonating strongly with their spirit of adventure.

The resounding preference for Africa as the preferred continent for travel, capturing 30% of the respondents, presents a strategic avenue for brands to traverse. Placing the spotlight on the multifaceted landscapes, cultural tapestries, and one-of-a-kind adventures indigenous to Africa can strike a chord with travelers yearning for meaningful escapades closer to their The unanimous emphasis on safety across all age groups underscores its absolute significance. Brands have the chance to cultivate trust by prominently highlighting safety measures, health protocols, and customer feedback that demonstrate their unwavering dedication to travelers’ welfare. Additionally, the acknowledgment of the allure of cultural and historical attractions among diverse generations presents a prospect for brands to craft experiences that beautifully display a destination’s heritage. Thoughtfully designed tours, local engagements, and immersive activities can seamlessly align with this favored preference.

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