Kasi Insight launches the "Succeed in tech insights series"


Toronto, Canada - Currently across the continent, there’s plenty of released research and expertly crafted PR about the promise of digital in Africa.

Officially launched May 17th, 2017 at the How to Succeed in Tech Series is the result of surveys conducted in seven countries in Africa amongst 10,000+ urban dwellers aged between 18 and 55 years old and early adopters of mobile devices and internet. These early adopter snapshots are intended to add clarity to the big picture research and PR hype that surrounds the potential of the mobile device and the internet in Sub-Saharan Africa by putting the consumer at the heart of your future strategy.

The key insights are provided on how to succeed in the app space, e-commerce, fin-tech and advertising in a continent where the consumer is not understood or considered when building solutions.

This series is designed to cut through that to reveal where the opportunities actually lie, to see where companies and investors should invest time and resources. The research’s sole objective is to gain an understanding of the mobile users / consumers in Africa habits and aspirations in order to slide and dice trends, opportunities and dispel assumptions and myths.

This bottom-up approach to probe the complex consumer’s mind and gather insights on their perception of mobile and digital services was purposely aimed at getting clear answers to important questions:

  • Is mobile advertising a game changer in Africa?
  • Are consumers pain points really best solved with mobile apps in Africa?
  • Are there real opportunities in the app economy in Africa?
  • Is eCommerce a play in Africa?
  • And if so how is it best realized?
  • Is FinTech disrupting banking in Africa?
  • What are the real opportunities for tech in Africa?

The How to succeed in tech series generated a range of insights that have implications for startups, entrepreneurs, and investors who are looking to tap into the mobile and digital economy of Africa.

Some quotes from buyers: "This is an excellent report, simple and to the point." Founder @ PEEX.


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