Kasi webinar

Is Inflation Ruining The Party?

Missed out on our insightful webinar, held on October 22, 2022? This engaging discussion dissected critical challenges surrounding consumer sentiment and its evolution over the past two years, shedding light on the implications for purchase intent and its crucial relevance for sales growth in the face of inflation.

Listen to the in-depth analyses and revelations shared by an industry expert, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of consumer sentiments and their profound impact on business strategies. While the live session has concluded, you can still catch up on the vital discussions and gain valuable perspectives to navigate inflationary challenges effectively.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and further engagements to keep abreast of market trends, insights, and strategies that will empower your business in the dynamic world of African markets.


Is Inflation Ruining The Party with Ato Micah