Tunisian Food Shopping Habits: Insights into Monthly Spend


In August 2023, Kasi Insight conducted an extensive Share of Wallet survey across 20 diverse African markets. This survey provided valuable insights into various aspects of consumer spending, including sources of income, expenditure patterns, and the specific consumer-facing products purchased on a monthly basis.

Bread, Meat, and Grains rule the monthly menu

In Tunisia, the survey revealed interesting trends related to the top three foods that respondents typically purchase each month. These foods included bread and rolls, meat and fish, and staple grains. Specifically, 61% of the respondents indicated their regular monthly purchases of bread and rolls, while 59% favored meat and fish, and 54% allocated a portion of their monthly budget to staple grains, such as mealie/maize meal, rice, and pasta.


Men had a higher frequency of monthly purchases than women in the top categories. For instance, 65% of men bought bread or rolls monthly, 67% preferred meat and fish, and 59% purchased staple grains. In contrast, women had slightly lower participation rates, with 60% choosing bread or rolls, 56% favoring meat or fish, and 52% budgeting for staple grains. In terms of generations, Gen X was prominent, with 62% choosing bread or rolls, 59% for meat or fish, and 58% for staple grains. Millennials were the most active, with 65% regularly buying bread or rolls, 59% for meat or fish, and 53% for staple grains. Gen Z had somewhat lower percentages at 60%, 58%, and 51%, respectively.

Tunisians master the art of moderate food budgets

Looking at the amount of money respondents surveyed spent on these top three food categories Starting with staple grains, nearly half of the population allocates their budget to the TND 151-200 price range, underscoring the fundamental role that grains play in Tunisian cuisine. This preference is consistent across various demographic groups. Moving on to bread and rolls, approximately one-third of the population prioritizes these items, with the TND 151-200 range being the most popular choice. These selections remain relatively stable across genders and generations, highlighting the universal significance of bread and rolls in Tunisian meals.


Shifting to meat and fish, these items also command a substantial share of the budget, with around one-third of the population choosing the TND 151-200 and TND 91-150 price ranges. However, gender differences are evident, as men tend to favor the higher price range, while women show a preference for the TND 91–150 category.

Trifecta of brand reputation, convenience, and influencer marketing

Across all segments, brand reputation, convenience, and recommendations from social media influencers emerge as the most influential factors. Brand reputation symbolizes trust and perceived product quality, while convenience underscores the importance of streamlined and efficient shopping experiences. The influence of social media influencers highlights the evolving landscape of digital marketing in shaping consumer choices. Exploring gender- and age-specific preferences, clear distinctions emerge. Women prioritize convenience and affordability, emphasizing hassle-free shopping and budget consciousness, while men focus on brand reputation, social media influencer recommendations, and product packaging.


Across different age groups, Gen X values brand reputation, affordability, and product functionality, indicating a preference for established and reliable brands. Millennials prioritize convenience, product presentation, and practicality, emphasizing the need for efficient and visually appealing products. Gen Z relies on social media influencer recommendations, word-of-mouth referrals, and discounts, highlighting the substantial impact of online personalities and peer endorsements.

Food brands in Tunisia should adapt their strategies to align with the preferences and behaviors of Tunisian consumers

Given the popularity of bread and rolls, meat and fish, and staple grains among Tunisians, it's essential for food brands operating in Tunisia to diversify their product offerings while maintaining high quality. This could entail introducing a variety of bread types, meat cuts, and staple grains that resonate with local tastes and preferences, presenting a strategic opportunity.

Tunisian consumers place significant emphasis on brand reputation. Hence, food brands should make substantial investments in cultivating trust and highlighting the superior quality of their products. Underlining elements like heritage, sourcing, and stringent quality control can serve as compelling selling points to enhance brand reputation. Furthermore, crafting tailored marketing strategies to address the distinct preferences of men and women can yield favorable results. For women, a focus on conveying convenience and affordability in marketing campaigns and in-store experiences may increase their market share. Conversely, for men, emphasizing brand reputation and leveraging social media influencer endorsements can be particularly effective in capturing their attention and trust.

Recognizing and adapting to the price range preferences and budget constraints associated with each food category is of paramount importance. Brands should align their pricing strategies to harmonize with these preferences. For instance, introducing budget-friendly options for staple grains within the TND 151-200 range can potentially attract a substantial segment of the population, contributing to market success.

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