Black Friday Reigns Supreme: Tunisia's Holiday Shopping Trends Exposed


As the holiday season looms closer, retailers are gearing up for a crucial period compounded by ongoing economic challenges, particularly the rising cost of living. For many retailers, this upcoming holiday season is not just another seasonal event; it represents a pivotal moment and a unique opportunity to recover losses incurred throughout the year, with the potential for a transformative year-end outcome. The findings from Kasi Insight's Holiday Shopping 2022 Survey, which meticulously tracked consumer behavior, primary purchase motivators, overall financial confidence, shopping preferences leading up to Christmas, and gift inclinations. The survey revealed that 88% of respondents surveyed in Tunisia are aware of shopping events.

Black Friday takes the lead as Tunisia's favored holiday shopping event, with an impressive 53% of consumers surveyed expressing a strong preference for it. Following closely behind is Small Business Saturday, which piques the interest of 34% of respondents. Additionally, Single's Day and Cyber Monday are notable contenders, attracting 24% and 23% of consumers surveyed, respectively. Meanwhile, Boxing Day and Amazon Prime Day maintain their appeal, with 15% and 12% of consumers surveyed showing interest in these events.


Detailed product reviews and interactive content, such as live videos and Q&A sessions, hold significant influence.

When considering preferences for social media influencer-content types among different segments, certain trends emerge. Overall, product reviews in blogs or online forums are the most preferred, reflecting a general reliance on detailed assessments for holiday shopping decisions. Live video demonstrations of product use rank second, offering real-time insights into product performance. Interactive question and answer sessions come in third place, indicating a desire for immediate engagement and assistance during shopping.


Breaking it down by demographics, females consistently prioritize detailed product reviews as their top choice, while also expressing an appreciation for live Q&A sessions and live product demonstrations in second and third place, respectively. In contrast, males predominantly favor product reviews, ranking them first, followed by live product videos in second place, and review/unboxing videos by social media influencers in the third spot. Gen Xers demonstrate a particular fondness for live Q&A sessions, ranking them first, followed by product reviews in second place, and live product demonstrations in third. Millennials, in line with the overall trend, highly value product reviews as their top preference, while also embracing live videos and interactive Q&A sessions in second and third place, respectively.

Finally, Gen Z individuals, while still favoring product reviews as their top choice, also exhibit an affinity for short video clips on social media in second place, and live Q&A sessions in the third position, highlighting their preference for quick visual information and real-time engagement.

Opportunity for brands to leverage shopping events for increased visibility and sales during the holiday season.

Black Friday emerges as the premier shopping event, demanding meticulous planning and resource allocation. To make the most of this pivotal occasion, brands should craft exclusive discounts, limited time offers, and engaging marketing strategies that resonate with consumers, fostering substantial sales and a lasting impression throughout the holiday season. However, it's equally crucial to recognize the untapped potential in other events like Single's Day and Cyber Monday. Expanding promotional efforts to encompass these occasions can extend the holiday shopping season and reach a broader audience. Tailoring marketing messages for each event enables brands to capture diverse consumer segments, maintaining momentum beyond Black Friday.

In this digital age, influencer marketing emerges as an indispensable tool. Brands must leverage influencers who align with their values and products to build trust and provide authentic product experiences. Consumers seek reliability in holiday shopping information, making influencer partnerships essential. Moreover, understanding the content preferences of distinct demographic groups is a linchpin of successful marketing. Tailoring messaging and content to align with each group's values and interests is instrumental. This personalized approach may encompass crafting detailed reviews for females, live product demonstrations for males, interactive Q&A sessions for Gen X, and short video clips for Gen Z, substantially enhancing engagement and driving conversion rates.

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