Africans Stand in Solidarity With The Black Lives Matter Movement


Black Lives Matter Protests in South Africa

The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has been around since 2013, but recent murders have called for greater public opinions and broader support within the United States, and even Africa. The BLM movement inspired Africans and social justice movements to protest action and to seek change on key societal issues affecting Africans, including police brutality (particularly during the COVID-19 lockdown), the legacy of colonialism, income and class discrimination, sexism, etc.

A majority of Africans are aware of the Black Lives Matter Movement

In essence, Black Lives Matter is something that touches most, if not all, Africans. A recent survey published by KASI Insight reveals that 79% of Africans are aware of BLM. Beyond that, African countries, including Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, and South Africa held mass protests between June and July in support of Black Americans, but also to put a spotlight on injustices occurring regionally. For example, in South Africa, a BLM demonstration was held in protest for Collins Khosa’s brutal killing by police in his home in April this year.

Even after years of struggle and strife, it is sad to see that the livelihoods of Black people remain neglected at a global level. As mentioned, the Black Lives Matter Movement started in 2013, and yet 7 years later, Blacks still have to take to the streets in an attempt to reinforce its core message. In as much as society has come a long way from slavery, and finally getting our civil rights officially established, more needs to be done to ensure that Africans, in every part of the world, are being protected from careless violence, as well as institutional discrimination.


Africans support the BLM movement

Black Lives Matter Movement, a call to action to support Black-owned businesses

The Black Lives Matter Survey by Kasi Insights also reveals that Africans saw in shock the video of the killing of George Floyd, in fact, 2 in 5 respondents said they were completely shocked and outraged by the murder of George Floyd. Interestingly, the BLM movement may have a positive impact on Black empowerment and the realization that Blacks should support their community more than ever. For Africans at least, it is the case and the survey reveals that 1 in 3 Africans has realized the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses. This sense of urgency to support Black-owned businesses is not felt the same way in every country. In Kenya, 52% of the respondents have realized the importance of supporting Black-owned businesses because of BLM while only 18% of respondents in Cameroon do.


BLM, a rallying cry to support Black owned businesses

Black Lives Matter Movement, a trend that brands should follow in Africa

The BLM has gone global and brands are taking notice. In recent months, several brands have made changes to their products, commit resources to fight inequality, and increase diversity. A trend that we are following is how people from the black community especially from Africa support the diaspora and black-owned business. Looking at the data, it seems that Africans are looking to provide more support to Black-owned businesses. This is definitely a trend that brands should follow in Africa but also abroad. The market of African descent (in Africa and abroad) is as large as the Chinese market with over 1 Billion consumers globally. An untapped market.

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